To: My Readers

For my last blog post I wanted to thank you all for reading. Even though this was an assignment for my writing class, I had fun doing it. Coming up with fresh and original content while still staying relevant and not mimicking other blogs was a challenge but, in the end fulfilling. I hope you … More To: My Readers

What’s the Deal with the Recent Ikea Obsession

Everyone loves Ikea. Whether it’s being childish and playing house with your significant other, eating the shitty food in the cafeteria, or actually getting something you need. Hell, my entire first apartment was furnished with Ikea! But how much do you REALLY love it? Enough to wear it? It all started with this bag: Image sourced … More What’s the Deal with the Recent Ikea Obsession

Snowboarding Streetwear

Everyone knows about the history and influence skateboarding has had on streetwear. From Vans shoes to Palace skateboards, people to this day still wear skateboarding apparel for fashion. Snowboarding, as a counter-culture sport itself, is doing the opposite. Streetwear is trickling down into snowboarding instead of trickling up from skateboarding. This is especially apparent in street snowboarding. … More Snowboarding Streetwear